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Welcome to my blog!!! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you under the shadow of His wings; May you be enlightening by His Spirit of wisdom and revelation through the knowledge of His word; Today, may you know that the creator of the universe will move heaven and earth on your behalf, because He loves you with an everlasting love!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In My Neighborhood.....

Wednesday, March 21st. 2012.....I'm up early, getting back into the routine of going to the gym. It has been nearly two weeks since my last workout. I come home from the gym ready to be productive; cleaning up outside the Jesus House, washing my car, oil change, run by the bank, laundry, playing with the dogs, grocery shopping, etc....I have not been since my return home from Taiwan. I defiantly need to get to the store. First things first. The dogs and I are in the back yard playing, Silas loves to roll his log across the yard, as Mac barks at Barnabas for playing keep-away with the ball. I then venture outside with the broom and dust pan, many cigarette butts, and trash cover the sidewalks. As I sweep, I pray and my thoughts are upon the Lord. My neighbor comes out to chat, she shares with me about a older homeless woman she has taken in to get her off the streets. On the streets she is taken advantage of, in many ways. My neighbor is poor, she has her own issues, yet her compassion for this other woman was astonishing to me....after small chat and talking about her coming to church on Sunday, she said she would, and wanted me to sing her favorite song, “You Are God“ I promised I would if she came......

Now, I'm off to the car wash. The dogs are exercised, fed and happy. I just finished vacuuming my car as this elderly man who maintains the car wash, he comes to where I am to empty the garbage can. I engage in a conversation with him, talking about the weather, it was such a beautiful day. We both agreed we were not fond of the winter season. He shared about his wife, and how they planned a vacation in Florida one year during August, he passionately said they would never visit Florida in August again….I smiled and asked him his name, then I said, Jesus loves you, and if you’re ever near West Washington street stop by the Jesus house for a cup of coffee. He replied, thank you. You must know______, and I said yes I do. He shares with me how he has tried to help her, and we both agreed she needs to stop drinking and not let a few certain people hang at her house. It was time to end our conversation, He needed to finish his work, and I had a long to do list calling my name…..I again told him Jesus loved him very much, and He was with him always……He said, thank you!

After washing my car which so desperately needed a good wash, I call Tom, not for any particular reason just to say hi, and ask how his day’s going. My loving husband tells me to forget about my “To Do List” and go home and enjoy the beautiful day. The sun is shinning it‘s 81 degrees, blue skies, it doesn’t take much to change my mind, but I have this list in my purse, things I really need to do….but I decide to go home and enjoy the beautiful day the Lord had given us. I’m thinking about my list of “things to do” and cross off, Wal-Mart, Cub Food, I had already went to the bank, but I should change the oil in my car, after all the line across my mileage read “change oil” I thought I would just stop by Speedy Lube on my way home. I suddenly felt the urge to go straight home, so I did. I pull my car into the parking lot behind Jesus house and I notice a woman across the street standing with a stroller with a little boy sitting in it, he’s about 18 months or so. She is talking with a man who is a new neighbor …As I get out of my car I can tell she has this anxious feeling about her, and she comes across the street and approaches me, with desperation in her voice she ask, “Are you the owner of this place” I said yes, how can I help you. She tells me her story. Her car broke down on her way home to Tinley Park, she stayed in the shelter last night with her son, and all she needed was eleven dollars for a one way ticket home for her and her son….I stand there listening to this mother who has nothing, no cell phone to call anyone, no money to get home or feed her son. She had been everywhere for help and everyone had said no, they had no funds to help her. It’s just eleven dollars, why couldn’t the man across the street help her? I heard him say he would buy her car if she had the title. Why couldn’t an individual from all the places she had been help her? In my eyes, this is not a matter I have money or not to help. It’s a matter him who knows to do good and does not, it is a sin, James 4:17.

I asked what her name was, and her sons name…and said, I will help you, but first I must tell you about Jesus. She said, “oh yes, please. I believe in Jesus” I asked her, what she knew about Jesus, her eyes lit up and she says, I know He loves me and He died for my sins….I said, that’s right, but do you know and believe that Jesus has risen from the dead, and He lives forever more, that you can have not only eternal life, but new life now on this earth…she replies, yes I believe…I gave her what money I had in my wallet, enough for a bus ticket, and enough for to buy lunch for her and her son. I asked if I could pray with her, and immediately she was ready to pray. After we prayed, she hugged me, then she hugged me again, and again. What joy to see the Spirit of the Living God move on her behalf…..if I had stuck to my “to do list” I would not of been there in that moment to see the Lord meet the need of this mother and her son. Oh How Jesus loves us so much….He cares about every little thing that concerns us, He knows every hair upon our head, and He feeds the birds of the air, and clothes the lilies of the fields…..thank you Lord Jesus for giving me the ears to hear the voice of Your Spirit!

I am home now ready to enjoy this beautiful day…. I had finished un-packing my suit case from my travel to Taiwan, started a load of laundry, the dogs have been out, so I’m good and ready to relax outside on the deck, and just meditate upon the Lord. The sounds of cars, motorcycles, people walking, chatting on their cell phones, loud music blaring out of cars, the sub-woofers vibrate the windows of this old building. My eyes are closed as I soak in the suns rays. I cherish every sun beam as it shines upon my face, the heat relaxes me like a hot bubble bath at night…..all of a sudden I hear the voice of a angry young woman, then the voices of other women. I open my eyes to see a young white girl, she appears to be in her mid twenties…at this time she is walking on the side walk next to the Jesus House, across the street, the house on the corner are two very angry older African American women who obviously are not happy with this younger girl. They exchange not so kind of words. The young girl turns and begins to walk back toward the house staying on my side of the street of course….I though to myself, this is not gong to end well. The yelling continues back and forth across the street, well one of the older women comes across the street, following close behind is now a young African American man who is going to be the peace maker. The older woman says, I have children your age, B____(fill in the blank), go home…the young girl acting all bad, flinging her arms every where, as if she is going to hit someone. They continue, the guy is trying to get the young girl to just leave, and she refuses, it’s like they were not going to quite, because they both wanted to have the last word, which never ends in a heated situation as this one….well, the older woman who lives at the corner apartment house has had enough. Apparently, she kicked this young girl out of her house who was visiting the young man. By the way, the young man is not being successful in his attempt to keep peace. When the other woman came across the street, she looked as if she had just crawled out of bed, and she had no intention of being nice to this young girl, who just won’t shut her mouth. Now, she has her chest pushed out, her neck extended as if she was on a dog lease getting pulled, well the other woman came right up to her standing face to face, her lips almost touch the young girls lips, the young girl replies…get out of my face,____,____again fill in the blankets, and this older woman came closer and closer backing this young girl almost into the alley, and the young girl being all cocky was not expecting this woman to do anything, and bam, she pushed this girl then hit her, and the fight was on with the young man trying his best to stop the fight….the other older woman calls out her friends name as she is hitting this girl, you’re not in your house, you need to stop. Well, it lasted but for a few short minutes….Over the years I have learned to pick and choose what I involve myself in, and this was not my fight…I could call the police sure, they may or may not come. If they do, nothing happens. It’s just another day in west Bloomington.

Well, I want to state the obvious facts to this incident and by no means do I want to offend anyone, but a young white girl should not try and act like a black girl when mouthing off to an older African American woman, she will show you what being black is all about……lol

I pray that this young girl’s eyes are open, that her heart not be harden by the deceitfulness of sin. And as far as the other two women, I totally understand their frustration with the younger generation, although I wish they would of handled it in a more mature matter. We need to pray for this younger generation. We need to seek God on what He would have us to do…..Many have heard the gospel, they have heard about God’s love through Jesus Christ, and yet they continue to reject the good news…’s a generation who lives in the now, and has no concern for future or the fear of facing God.

Isaiah 60:1-2
Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.
For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee…..

Matthew 5:16
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven…..

Let the glory of Lord shine upon you, may His goodness be seen through your life, not just your words, but in your actions, and all that you do, fo in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Colossians 3:17
And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.

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  1. To bring Jesus into our Lives is such a Joy and a responsibility then to pour him out to those around is truely living.I Love this blog